Marathon organized by student council in PGGC-11


The founder of the Arya Samaj, a promoter of the Vedas and a Sannyasi, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati worked towards reviving Vedic Ideologies and was subsequently called the “Maker of Modern India”. 

Celebrating the 192nd Birth Anniversary of Swami Dayanand, a Marathon was conducted by the Student Council of PGGC-11 in association with Paramount Coaching Centre

The marathon started at 7am 
and ended at 11 am, with the students covering the entire city. In addition to the marathon, a cultural event was also conducted in the college, where students from various fields put forth their talent, showcasing the diversified culture of India; including Garhwali dance, Himachali dance, Bhangra, Free Style Bollywood and Hip-Hop by the College Dance Group. An entertaining as ever performance by the College Dramatics Club was presented, campaigning the evils of drug abuse amongst youngsters.

The Political Advisor of the Haryana Govt., Mr. Jagdish Chopra graced the event with his presence as the Chief Guest and gave blessings to the college students, wishing them luck for the future ventures. The Principal too expressed his profound gratitude for the Student Council.

It was a grand event, conducted in honor of a great visionary, showing that the students of PGGC-11 work with all their heart to create an environment for the youth, aiming at a noble cause.

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