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Manjul Nagarborn on August 26, 1995, is a Chandigarh based model, actor and a YouTuber. He is a graduate and is currently pursuing his CA degree. He has already achieved so much at such a young age, winning many titles which include Mr. Punjab Encore 2015, Mr. North India Body with Brains 2016 and Mr. Punjab Fusion 2017. He has also featured in a critically acclaimed short film ‘Safar‘ which was launched by Bombay pocket films and was one of the finalists of MTV Roadies Rising Battleground. Ask for more and we tell you that he has also been selected in MTV Love School Season 2. 

Taking risks is his passion, he is never afraid to challenge himself. He’s passionate about his work and is looking forward to make a place for himself in the Bollywood industry as an entertainer. He has  a YouTube channel which has over 1 million views. Now coming up with a new web series of his own called F.R.I.E.N.D.S- MITRON, this young, hardworking boy is already making a name for himself in the society and is ready to take on any challenge that comes his way.

We asked him a few questions about his journey from being a fat kid to a successful YouTuber and here is what he has to say :-

Q-  How did you get into modelling? Who inspired you to choose it as a career?

A–  There have been instances when I got bullied in the past because of my weight and it was always an uncomfortable experience for me. I wanted to be more than just a fat kid. And being bullied, motivated me to do better. To prove them all wrong, I started modelling and even won the title of Mr Punjab Encore in 2015, Mr. North India body with brains in 2016, and Mr. Punjab Fusion in 2017.

Q- What was your initial aim before you got into modelling? What influenced your career choices?

A- My initial aim was to become a chartered accountant which is very difficult to crack in the first place. One can earn a decent amount from such job. But after winning the title of Mr. Punjab Encore in 2015, a lot of things changed and I felt more happy and satisfied doing modelling. So, I decided to stick to it and I have been doing a lot of shows lately alongside my CA degree.

pu-5Q- YouTube is a freelance platform and it takes a lot of work to keep it alive. When did you plan to start a YouTube channel and how do you plan to expand it?

AAfter winning the title, my following on social media increased. It kind of gave me an idea that I should put it to a good use and what else could have been better than YouTube. I wanted to be different from other YouTubers. Nobody from Chandigarh was doing social experiments and pranks. So, I took it as an opportunity and by the grace of god, I got a lot of views on my videos and since then I have also been getting a lot more shows. I wanted to be among the best YouTubers of the city and I think I am getting there. We are soon coming up with a new web series called F.R.I.E.N.D.S – MITRON, which I hope will make a huge difference and do well.

Q- What inspires you to do better each day? From where do you derive your motivation?

A“Criticism” and the people who criticise me. Criticism boosts my confidence and it helps me to do better each time. It’s weird but it is what gets me going. People used to criticise me because of my weight issues and here I am today. 

Q- You told us earlier that you were a fat kid and that you transformed yourself completely. What influenced you to make such a major lifestyle change?

A- Well, I am punjabi at heart and we all know how punjabis are. People used to say a lot of things about my weight and the girl I liked also made fun of me. I was really pissed at that time and that is when I took a decision that it won’t be the same ever again. My life has changed a lot after that and I am really happy that I made a choice to turn my life around. Also, the people who bullied me once idolise me now and I could not be more happy about that.

Q- YouTube- it’s a very brave career choice to make. Were your parents supportive of that?

A- They have always been very supportive and have helped me be who I am today. They want to see me happy and satisfied with what I do. I want to become an entertainer and I am very sure I’ll achieve my goal one day. But there’s always an uncertainty  in the line of my work,  which is why I am also pursuing my CA degree alongside, just in case. 

pu-6Q- Why do you want to become an entertainer?

A- There’s a very apt dialogue for this question- “isse mujhe kick milti hai”. I like entertaining people and I like the fame that comes along with it. 

Q- What do you do to polish and improve your acting skills?

A- Acting is something which comes from inside. One should be able to imagine what they’re doing, and observation plays a very important role in it. Then comes the execution. I personally prefer watching videos and movies and then I try to enact them in different ways and expressions. It helps me a lot.

Q- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A- In Mumbai, doing a movie probably.

Q-  Tell us about your new web series which is coming soon. What should people expect from it?

A- It is a web series of 15 episodes which revolves around 5 friends who are completely different from each other but are leading a very happy life. Then, a girl comes along who changes a lot of things in the group. It’s a dramatic comedy series with a desi tadka and we hope everyone loves it. The trailer has already been launched on my YouTube channel called “PRANKIFY“. 

Q- Anything you’d like to say to our readers?

ANever give up! People will always tell you that you are not good enough. They’ll tell you what to do and what not to. They will criticize you and will always say negative things about you. I didn’t listen to them, which is what everyone should do. I gave into my fears too, but I knew what I was capable of doing and I stand here today, proud. So, never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

Let’s just say that Manjul Nagar is persistent with conquests. Keep going, mate!

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