Mallika Vadhera: Bleeding Art and Creativity


Mallika Vadhera, an alumna of MCM DAV College, Sector 36 is currently studying in Srishti University of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore. A brilliant visual-arts artist, she owns ‘What the Art’ which practically treasures her masterpieces. This artist, bleeding art and creativity, even did a project work in Kerala which got featured in the local newspaper.

Here’s a glimpse of Mallika’s journey as an evolving artist. Her determination and depth speak volume of her artistic soul.

Q) What is art for you? When did you start painting?
Art for me is everything. It helps me discover and unravel the unknown. I feel the happiest with my canvas and the paint-brush. I colour the world in my own hues.

The most ironical thing that I would unfold here is that painting wasn’t my cup of tea in my early teens. But then I just got the ball rolling in my own fashion when I was in class 8th and since then the journey has been all about discovery.

Q) What element or theme is usually featured in your works?

I feel things deeply and love can do everything. I do insert and grill my works with the element of love.  I believe art and love get woven into each other by this invisible force called love.


Q) What are the other things which interest you profusely besides painting?

I love dancing. There are times when I let my vocal chords tune up with any instrument or just to bring some peace in my mind. It’s just rejuvenating. I have also choreographed some routines and its fun every time when I let my stress fade into some energetic moves. I also love reading poetry. It’s something surreal for me. Gulzar Sahab’s work and Rumi captivate my soul.

Q) How have your parents been instrumental in achieving this level of mastery?    

Initially my mother was not very happy with idea of seeing me completely soaked in the art of painting. But eventually, they saw that spark in me and became my strength. They encourage me to do anything and everything that can help me expand my horizons.

Q) How much do music and food enamour you?

Oh music, music is just magic. My ears and mind make love to Sufi music, ghazals and you just name it. Food, I would say I’m a wise foodie. My taste buds don’t drool over junk. I like keeping myself fit. I am quite disciplined about my daily workout and yoga hours. However, bring a scrummy chicken dish for me, I’ll show you my love for it. I just so naturally get tempted towards desserts. Yes, that would be my food-in-favourite-list.

image-2Q) Who are your favourite artists?

Jayesh Sachdeva, Jamie Orr, Christian Guemy and her passion for colours and their magic is endless. Apart from these, many of peers have a distinct style of working. It really fascinates me.

Q) What message do you have for the young budding talent of today?

Let the original you spread magic. Believe in yourself and take the road to ultimate discovery. The most important thing that we need to focus on is that our determination should not die. Keeping it alive and fresh will let you do wonders with the talent you got inside. You beautiful girls, slay with your creativity.

She has a magnetic personality and all she does is inspire the young budding talent to fulfill their dreams. So, whatever you love put your zeal into it and change the “#goals” to “#goals achieved”.

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Roshni Ahuja (MCM DAV 36)

Roshni Ahuja (MCM DAV 36)

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