Making fitness a Priority


The trend of outdoor games and physical activities are almost on the verge to an end. Most of the school and college aged students can’t even wait to go home and look out for place on the couch, hence spending rest of the afternoon watching TV or playing games on smartphones. Physical activity is not just their cup of tea, not by choice at least.

During school/college days your goal should not be keep yourself moving but to turn exercise into a habit and ultimately keeping it at the top of the priority list. Here are certain ways of doing so:

  • Indulging into sports

Team sports is always fun and perfect way of keeping yourself on the move. Find your interest and choose any sport or physical activity.

-inter college tournaments

-inter hostel tournaments

– martial art/self defence classes

– boot camps

This will also bring the best out of you and help you build better bonds with others. It can not only provide you a fit regime but can also help you with your academics.

  • Friends and family

Being creative can also help plan your weekends in a better way and it can also be real fun and filled with entertainment to organise an event like weekend uphill biking, tracking, brisk walking or mini marathon followed by a good healthy lunch or brunch.

No matter what you choose, regular activity will help you burn more calories and it will also nourish your cardiovascular health at the same time. It can diffuse stress, help you learn the sportsmanship and boost your self-esteem and improve overall well being.

In a nutshell, being fit is just not your physical state but your mental state as well. So, pick your self from the couch and get back to exercising.

About the Expert:

Yuvraj Anand (Fitness Expert)

Qualification: Transformation specialist,  S.W.E.A.T(HEAD COACH)

Experience: Been transforming clients from last 8 years.
My Goal: My goal is to be the stepping stone for people of all ages those who are looking to bring about good changes in their outlook and at the same time letting them explore their true genetical potential.

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