Maharaja Returns To His Territory, Says “Will End the Issue of Drugs in 4 Weeks”


After being decimated for the past ten years, Indian National Congress has finally resurfaced as the single largest party in the state of Punjab. Captain Amarinder Singh, who celebrates his birthday today gets the tremendous victory in the Punjab Assembly Polls as a birthday present. Singh has claimed to fight off the issue of drugs in 4 weeks. Speaking at his residence in Chandigarh Singh said, “The people want development and freedom from drugs and we will deliver that.”

In early part of 2016 when Rahul Gandhi met Capt. Amarinder Singh and it was declared that the military veteran would hold the chains for Punjab, there were certain doubts on his capabilities. Proving all of them wrong the Indian National Congress has managed to gain 38.5% of the total vote share alone as per early trends from today.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which ridiculed all those who called the elections in favour of the INC got a blow to its pride, having failed to capture even half the percentage of seats won by INC, fairing with just 20 seats. Arvind Kejriwal showed tremendous confidence in the food basket of India. He even claimed that his party would win, if elections are held the day they started their campaign. In the early trends of the day the AAP was even falling behind the now ex-majority party SAD.

The alliance of SAD and BJP has done a little better that expected by most of the polls. 3 days ago when the exit polls came the SAD-BJP alliance was not even certain of crossing the single digit mark but have done a little more than that. SAD-BJP ruled the state for over 10 years and has been barged with allegations of drugs being forced into the state under their watch, which has not been faced very well by the SAD. These allegations have probably had their toll and SAD-BJP have not been able to hold their 56 seat strong electoral result from 2012, taking home only 18 seats in alliance (SAD with 15 seats and BJP with 3 seats individually).

The election results have put the Congress in power in Punjab, which is the third state under INC control if you travel across India from North to South. The reason for SAD-BJP loss in the state has been cited as a people’s revolution against the drug incumbency. Modi magic failed to charm the voters in the state, maybe because BJP sided with the wrong party in the state. BJP alone contested in 23 seats and won just 3.

After winning the elections from Amritsar East, Navjot Singh Sidhu, the rebel politicians from BJP claimed, “It is the revival of Congress, like a small stream of water just needs a narrow channel to circulate, Punjab is that channel for INC.”

Speaking of the other states, Uttar Pradesh has made it clear that they want the leadership of Narendra Modi. The BJP has made a clean sweep in UP with about 323 votes among 14 national and regional parties contesting the elections. Uttarakhand, the state where the Chief Minister of INC, Harish Rawat was under scrutiny for a sting operation on him has also given the verdict in favour of the BJP. Uttarakhand was a must win for the BJP to showcase the people that the presidents rule was not forcible but was imminent. Goa is much of a disappointment for BJP, where it lost to Congress with a difference of 7 seats. The same fate took BJP to a lapse in Manipur as it lost to Congress with 7 seats difference, its number of seats being 21 and that of Congress being 28.

Overall the BJP headquarters in Delhi has all beaming faces proudly claiming that demonetisation was not a bad move in the eyes of the common man.

Punjab has been the rebel state denying the BJP control, making it clear that Punjab is not willing to let SAD take charge. Capt. Amarinder Singh has two celebrations due today and he will for sure mark them with a few Patiala-pegs!

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