Lucifer- The Good Devil, Maybe!


Does the title sound weird? I know. But I am not talking about the actual Lucifer from the Bible, if that is what you think. Well maybe, I am! Technically the character here is from the Bible, but in a TV show ‘Lucifer’.

Let me set out the premise for you. Lucifer, the ‘King of Hell’ gets bored of his duties and decides to take a vacation on Earth. His faithful demoness, Lt. Mazikeen follows along. Lucifer who goes by the name of ‘Lucifer Morningstar’ on Earth, opens up a piano bar named ‘LUX’ in Los Angeles and decides to stay. However, trouble brews when his brother Amenadiel is sent by God (their father) and demands that Lucifer head back to hell.

On the other side, Lucifer meets a police officer from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), named Chloe Decker, who seems to be literally repellent to his charms and powers. Intrigued and slightly disturbed, he decides to work with her in order to figure out the mystery.

Following her on a case, he ends up meeting Trixity, Chloe’s seven-years old daughter who seems to be quite taken with him. Just that Lucifer dislikes children, which ends up making his reactions towards Trixty extremely funny.

And if this is not enough to make you burst into peals of laughter, the fact that Lucifer finds himself a confidant in Dr. Linda Martin (the therapist) surely will. It is amusing how he has no problems in admitting that he is the devil in front of others. Dr. Linda herself believes that he uses the word ‘Devil’ as a metaphor, not knowing he means it literally.

On and all, it is an amusing show. It combines the biblical and the human world in an interesting way, not to mention that the interactions of Chloe and Lucifer are worth dying for! You will see them sharing a bantering, old-married couple sort of vibe one time and being at each other’s throat the next minute.

Of course the show has its share of drinking and sex. But what is with Mazinkeen and Amanadiel being chummy (and I use a polite term for their so called chummy activities); Lucifer befriending a priest and Chloe putting out an APB for angel wings; you will find that the show fulfills your cravings of both the supernatural and comedy.


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