Lovley massi on how to date a girl who’s getting over a breakup


Q– Lovely Maasi, there’s a girl in my class whom I really like.But she recently got out of a relationship, so is asking her out on a date on the table? And if not, how should I break the ice between us so that we can become friends.

Mere Motichoor ke Ladoo,
First things first, DON’T ASK HER OUT ON A DATE STRAIGHTAWAY, tu koi angrez hai? She’ll click a picture of you and shame you on FB.
Ab baat karte hai ‘baat’ ki.
If she’s in your class, te udde kol jaake baija. Ask her some doubts and try to answer her questions too (Issi bahane tu vi pad lenga nalayak!)
Ask her to share her books and notes with you, gal karan da mauka vi mil jauga.
Don’t ask for her number, instead give her yours and become a Gabru Gentleman!
Once you become friends, check out my last week’s tips on escaping friendzone- http://pumirror.com/lovely-massi-5-ways-to-escape-friendzone/
Jeenda reh,
Lovely Maasi

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