Lovely massi on pre-mature marriage


Q- My girlfriend and I have been dating since six months and she already wants to get married. I’m freaking out and obviously don’t want to get married yet. I’m thinking of breaking up with her. Suggest something maasi. Please


Ans- Breakup wala Bread Pakora,

Sun meri gal, Go and talk it out with your girl. Make her understand why is marriage not on your menu right now. Work/Education/Family, whatever the reason may be, speak it out. Saaf gal karni hai chote!

Je oh mann gayi, te well and good, warna dooji kudi maasi patake degi!

Remember je oh nai manni, she’s a psychotic little idli, so


P.S.- Do consider what her priorities and what circumstances she is going through too. Help each other out mere jatt and julliet!

With extra chutney,

Lovely Maasi


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