Lovely massi on intemate advice


Q. My girlfriend is a very strong and independent person. But she changes when we are intimate, she becomes inanimate and non participative. It makes me feel very odd and leaves me to do all the work. I don’t understand what happens to her. Please advice, Lovely Massi


Sat Sri Akal Naughty Puttar,

See as far as your hot lovely maasi can gather, your lady likes to play dead. It’s not her fault rey, it’s HER CHOICE. So next time your saheli tries to scare you with that move, bring a white chaadar and cover her body and start reciting her death ceremony rites.

Your astounded beloved would stop doing what she does. And if she doesn’t, you might as well learn to play with the dead. Think of the freedom you get!

Ayushman Bhavo!


Toodles mere raje!

Lovely Maasi



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