Lovely Massi: My Boyfriend Checks my Facebook Account


I’ve been in a relationship with a guy for 2 years. I trust him and apparently he trusts me too. we both have each other’s Facebook passwords but he’s the only one keeping a check on me. He reads my chats with other guy friends and then initiates fights unnecessarily. His insecurities are driving me crazy, what should I do?



Vekh kudiye
Ikk relationship di foundation trust hundi ae. Gabru nu kol bula , sit and have a conversation. Tell him you have other friends in your life who hold a different place. je eh gall odde palle ni pehndi, te babydoll it’s time you get someone better who is open minded (and not a psychopath ;))

I am sure u’ll be able to pull it off my jatt and Juliet!

With dher saara pyaar and topping it with dudh te makkhan.

Ur lovely massi.



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