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Q– My boyfriend is contesting for elections this session. Although I fully support him and understand his zeal to win the elections,  he hasn’t been giving me enough time since 1 month. Not only this, he treats but also he treats me like shit after having a bad day. I feel lonely and it seems I have nothing to do. Please suggest what I can do so he gives me time and it doesn’t seem like I don’t support him.

Ans- Oye jhalli ladki,
Pehle te twanoo elections vaaste best wishes hai ji!
Duji gal, this is what a college election candidate’s life looks like.
So don’t worry!
And it’s great to see that you understand, but kamliye you should also understand that you do have a life beyond this relationship!
P.S. Nalayeke, September exams aa reh ne, padh le!
P.P.S Lovely maasi loves you.


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