Lovely Massi- How to deal with unexpected crushes


Q-A girl in my class has suddenly started acting weird around me. She’s very touchy-feely and keeps saying bizarre things that make me very uncomfortable. I think she has a crush on me… how do I make her understand that I’m not “that” type without being rude? Oh, I’m female myself, by the way.

A- Haye ni kudiye hun eh vi hon lagg gya ajj kal de bachheya vich Othhe Pinky da Engineer munda is going in depression for not being able to find a votti for himself.

But you don’t need to worry, Lovely massi will always be at your rescue bhaavein munda hove ya kudi.

You can outrightly tell that chipku makhi to shoo away, for you are not that tedi medi jalebi because honesty is appreciated and accepted quickly.

But if you find this option a little hard to go with, then you should stick to squishing the chipku makhi, just like Babbu halwai.
When ever she gets touchy or flirty, a prominent elbow nudge or a push back would help you. She’ll understand aapne aap. Te puttar darri na, je sadde beeji hunde tan oh taan dovein guttaan ton farh ke ohnu thhalle ger dende.

Par ehna saariya cheezan ton simple te effective Lovely Massi da special nuskha ae.
Whenever she comes to you and gets touchy or flirty, puttar joorrr di chhikk maari, fake a filthy sneeze. Kudi ne aapne aap hi sidda ho jana ae.

Changaa puttar, serial da time ho chaleya ae. Baad ch Pinky de munde layi kissi kudi nu vi milan jaana ae.

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