Loveless life or Lifeless love?


Won’t we all turn into Psychopaths, if there’s no LOVE. We all might as well be as normal as we are without love, as we are with receiving it at one point of time. Life might be boring or even a lot cheerful, who knows?

It’s human nature, to long for a life full of love. Not all of us have this one chance to be born and brought up in a happy warm-hearted family. It is also very hard to find a family like this these days. We all humans need somebody to love and also need somebody, who loves us.

Even Psychopaths do that. It’s just that they didn’t have normal circumstances and surroundings, like others. But, the questionable thing is, what is “normal” in normal terms? It’s not like none of us has problems. All of us do have some of them, that keep our minds occupied in one way or another. All we need is the right person in our life to solve that.

We keep crawling and slowly start walking and then suddenly run. Others, the exceptional cases, learn the hard thing first. Isn’t it easy to live a life the hard way first, to gain experience and then live a comparatively easy life, so that you too can enjoy? This doesn’t mean that all of us should learn to live the hard way and make our lives miserable. All of us need to take one step at a time or sometimes, when we have more energy, take two steps or even run. But whatever it is, never forget to love because life without it would be very boring. There would be no girlfriend-boyfriend gossips (we got you, mate), or break-ups, or love-fight or mum-dad fights and what not.

Live well, that’s all we need to do. Sometimes the best thing we could ever do is right in front of eyes and we are just not able to recognize it. For me, it was being a writer. It was the best thing I could do, to get myself busy. Find out what you can do. Someday, we might meet, and till that day, lets be happy enough to survive.

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Ridha Dhawan (MCM College 36)

Ambivert. Alien. Sometimes bold. Sometimes cute. In love with books, coffee and nature. The girly tom-boy, exploring her potential.


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