Love walks in, and it walks by!


All of us, we humans, realize the value of love as soon as our love-relationship breaks. LOVE is not only about the “Girlfriend-Boyfriend” thing, it is also about the love that you might have for your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, friends or even a stranger who came in your life and helped you change. Sometimes a few people come in our life to teach us a lesson about love and relationships. Sometimes a few people, who seem to be just a passer-by, stay in your life for a very long time. And then it doesn’t always have to be a living being with which we fall in love with. Consider the case of a T.V. show. Once you watch a T.V. show you feel connected with, you become so obsessed with it that you don’t even want to miss a single glimpse of that love.

Life is one such big surprise. Unexpected things happen to you at unexpected moments. Love is all about timing. You have to go on a date, your mum knows that you’re going out with your friends, yet she unexpectedly calls her beloved child home and ruins the date. You are organizing a function and you are very happy about how everything is smoothly, when suddenly you get a notice from the head-in-charge that you have to cancel that function for a major event. The feeling of a bit of helplessness with that of displeasure and a high level of disappointment is all that defines you at that moment.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t ever think that life is hard on you, because it is in these difficult situations that love walks in. Love happens when you feel hurt, seeing the other person going through that. If you love your mom, you usually feel hurt to see her in pain. When that one person, around whom your world revolves, is in pain you’d want to do anything possible to end that sorrow. This is how complicated love is.

On the other hand, not anybody and everybody is worthy of your love. But that doesn’t mean that, that one person deserves love from no other as well. Those who are unworthy of your love might just be worthy of somebody else’s and you are supposed to cherish those whom you truly feel are supposed to be cherished. You need to cry, laugh and walk through different phases of your life by cherishing these people. Once you give, you are able to receive. So when love walks in, it should also walk out and spread warmth across.

Yet the walking out pains! And when you spend too much time in that pain, you realize that the world is full of misery.

Everyone is in pain in their own way.

Everybody endures the burden.

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