Love from Mexico, Viva Mexico sec 10 Chandigarh


Drenched in the colours of Jarabe (Mexican dance form), cowboy hats, native market scene and country scenery VIVA MEXICO brings to Chandigarh the traditions and cuisine of Mexico in its most authentic form. Located in the ever chirping market of sector 10, this place acts as a hub for freshly cooked mouth watering delicacies. We ordered nachos, quesadillas, taquitos along with sangria (a fruit mocktail) and te helado. Nachos were crisp, cheesy with loads of beans and veggies while taquitos, which are fried stuffed tortilla rolls, were crisp and flavoursome. The drinks however were more of a bump in a smooth ride; te helado and sangria were nothing but ice tea and a mixture of various preserved juices. Quesadillas were undoubtedly a star attraction complimented by salad, sour cream and a spicy tangy sauce. We particularly loved the sauces accompanying the main dishes, ordering a second serving every time.  The service was very fast probably because of it being a weekday resulting in an almost empty restaurant. The ambience is cosy, artistic and eye popping acting as a cherry on the cake. This place is a full on value for money which can be proved by its inclusion in the gedi route list of Zomato. They serve genuine Mexican dishes at affordable rates for budget crazy students like us. This place is a must go for all the food lovers out there.

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Titiksha Jain (MA English, PU Campus)

She’s pursuing M.A. in English and Cultural studies from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Her other interests are travelling, writing, cooking and animals.



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