Long way to go, Humanity!


Long way to go, Humanity!


How ruthless the world is?

This question would be ruling the minds and hearts of almost everyone. This question can fit in for almost every heinous crime happening around but what was really shocking, a few days back, was a video that went viral.

A few of you would have easily recognised what I am going to write about. Yes, it is about the video of a man, standing on the terrace top in all his pride and finally dropping a puppy to land on the ground with a pitiful squeek. The dog has luckily been saved from this unfortunate accident and will recover within five to six months.

And what is stranger is that the culprits who have been identified as Gautam and Asis are students of a Medical college in Chennai. Ironical, how soon to be life savers committed such a disgusting act shaming our society.

The video disgusted some animal lovers and they took a step and reported it.

The culprits had threatened the college students of dire consequences had they revealed their identities. But  they had been arrested and it is said that they were soon released on a bail. However, the college has suspended these two .


What is important to realise is that animals too have senses and get equally hurt. In fact, a dog is known to be a man’s best friend. It is profoundly ridiculous to make them a prey to disgusting human behaviour. But humans are humans after all.

Long way to go, Humanity!

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