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Almost 52% of the population of UK voted for Brexit, which consequently led to severe results. Apparently, as severe as losing billions of pounds, a dip in the currency value of Great Britain Pound (GBP) and ultimately, resigning of the Prime Minister, David Cameron. 

In this tumultuous and enigmatic situation, there was a dire and immediate need of forming a new government, which would tackle these consequences and try to stabilize the aftermath of the divorce of Britain from the European Union. Hence, on 13th July 2016, the leader of the Conservative party, THERESA MAY was appointed as the new Prime Minister! 

While many of the previous senators were sacked by Mrs. May, a new wave of electing members was imminent. Thus, Liz Truss came up as Justice Secretary, Justine Greening took up education and Tory leadership contender, Andrea Leadsom was promoted to the position of Environment Secretary. Further, Boris Johnson became Foreign Secretary, while Philip Hammond was made Chancellor of the Exchequer. These changes were announced at breakneck speed within a couple of hours of Mrs. May walking through the front door of No 10, as PM for the first time.

The current male-female ratio of the Cabinet remains roughly the same – at 70% to 30%, while there are 16 Cabinet members, including Mrs. May, who backed ‘Remain,’ and seven who campaigned for Brexit.

Former Conservative Foreign Secretary, Sir Malcolm Rifkind praised the ‘ruthless’ way in which Mrs. May has appointed her top team, saying it showed strong leadership and ‘strategic’ vision.

“She has not only got a strategy to balance the ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ sides, she is trying to eliminate these distinctions, because we are all now aiming for the same objective. She has appointed with a ruthlessness that has been impressive to look at.” he told the BBC.

With jobs being assigned and all set to work, immediate actions are needed to alter the country’s future towards a better and improvised direction.

Here’s a follow up to the to-do list of Britain’s new Prime Minister:


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