‘Lion’ And The Homecoming


Lion is a biographical movie documenting the homecoming story of Saroo Brierley. It was released in India in January 2017.

It’s all about synopsis:

Young Saroo leaves Ganesh Talai in search of work with his brother, but is separated from him on the station. Searching for his brother, he boards a train and falls asleep, only to wake up a mile away from home, in Calcutta. He surmounts the sinister streets and ends up in an orphanage. As he mispronounces the name of his village, it becomes impossible to find his family. Later, with the help of Mrs. Sood he is adopted by an Australian couple, Sue and John Brierley, and moves to Tasmania.


Sunny Pawar as ‘Saroo’ (Child-role)

Around 20 years later, he is in Melbourne studying hotel management where he meets Lucy, a fellow student. Over dinner with friends, he has a reminiscence of his childhood, a déjà vu by jalebi. He realizes that he is not from Calcutta and feels lost. Then he sorts to find his biological mother and Google Earth comes to his rescue. Eventually, he finds his village and mother and the movie ends with Sia’s ‘Never Give Up’. He learns that he has been mispronouncing his name, which is ‘Sheru, thus the title of the movie, Lion.

Dev Patel as 'Saroo'

Dev Patel as ‘Saroo’

Charm is in the air:

As it is said that 80% of directing is getting the cast right, director Garth Davis did the casting right. Dev Patel with his elegant Australian accent has a charismatic appearance in the movie. Nicole Kidman as a loving mother has given one of her best performances, Dipti Naval in her guardian angel glory and Nawazuddin Siddiqui also enrich the film. Rooney Mara seemed a bit superfluous though. However, Lion has two awesome debutants, Garth Davis as director and the adorable and talented Sunny Pawar.

Davis has captured the beauty and brutality of Indian streets aptly, maintaining the authenticity of Saroo’s story. Luke Davies kept the script bilingual, a rather unusual feature for an Australian film. It’s based on the memoir of Saroo Breirley, A Long Way Home.

Dev Patel receiving BAFTA award for 'Best Actor in Supporting Role'

Dev Patel receiving BAFTA award for ‘Best Actor in Supporting Role’

Acclaimed wide-and-far:

Lion got six Oscar nominations and five in the BAFTAs, in which Dev Patel won one for best supporting actor. The concoction of nostalgia, guilt, remorse, desolation and grief brilliantly conveyed by Dev Patel makes a heart- to-heart connection with the viewer. Saroo’s biological mother gives up her son to his foster parents and is just grateful that her son is alive.

The adoptive relationship has been redefined here and what makes this even better, the story is real.





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