Lilly Singh: As tough as a Superwoman, as blooming as a flower


Contagious positivity, belief in communicating good vibes and an ability to enjoy every moment, however exhausting or demanding; these are all the ingredients found in the most appropriate proportion in today’s Youtube superstar, Lilly Singh. With nearly 90 lakh subscribers on Youtube, this Indo-Canadian youth icon has proved to be a great inspiration and a source of everything-that-can-make- your-day-super amazing!

She started off with posting two videos per week which pertained to topics that were relevant to everyday life. Now, the ‘Superwoman’ (as her name on Youtube) also gives her viewers an insight to her day through daily ‘Superwoman Vlogs’. At times, it gets difficult to comprehend how a 27 year old can be brimming with such enthusiasm and abundance of energy!


“Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life” is her mantra that makes her defy all social norms in order to achieve and cherish what she values the most in her life! From smashing people’s comments on her skin colour to giving up everything else in order to live her dreams, she is the testimony to the famous saying ‘If you can dream it, you can achieve it’. 


Lilly believes in making every day extremely productive and enjoys her fruits of labor through the immense support and love she receives from her fans! She is a woman of substance and courage with a ribbon of conviction over it. She hit the nail on the head when she began a world tour called “A Trip to Unicorn Island” in March 2015 where she travelled around 31 cities and spread her magic.

She happily accepts the torments of a strenuous day because it’s the life she chose for herself and doesn’t seem to crib about it at any stage.

Lilly’s videos are lively and positive with a blend of humor in it and are fully equipped to set everything straight!


Her videos which gathered most eyeballs were the series of “How brown parents react”, “Types of people”, “Difference between Browns and Whites” and definitely the “If I were…”. These series are sure to tickle you and take your mood to a roller coaster ride!

You can also enter into her world of unicorns, just follow her and subscribe to her videos on:-



Snapchat and Instagram– follow at iisuperwomanii

Twitter- @IISuperwomanII

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