Life on SALE!


“It’s a strange world, let’s keep it that way.” So, it was like just a random day i was walking down towards my university, talking to myself and discerning that how amazing I can be for myself to suggest an advice. Despite of my bore and sleepy drive, i saw a girl with her hair open, enjoying the touch of cold breeze on her skin. She looked like a Princess sitting at the back of her chariot and relishing the moment. Such an adorable piece of mortal she was. Ah! and there then i noticed a sparkling device in her hand shining as bright as a sunlight. I couldn’t detach my eye from that beautiful scenario. How jealous i was to see her in that pleasure.

But suddenly i perceived, ‘What you imagine is not always real!’ She wasn’t a princess in her chariot but a usual young lady who was sitting at the back seat of a two-wheeler trying to be ‘INTERNATIONAL KHILADI’. Wow! what a stunt she did. That sparkling device was nothing but her mobile. I empathy such living souls that knowing the fact how precious your life is, still they risk their lives for something ‘THEY’ think is so important. REALLY??? That girl was actually ‘TAKING A SELFIE’ and was on the verge of tumbling down while her friend was riding her activa. She achieved what she wanted to but was it worth risking her life? She could have hurted herself but no “FIRST LET ME TAKE A SELFIE IS MANDATORY”.

Taking a selfie is not erroneous but you can’t danger your existence for a memorable snapshot. Life is 10 % what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it. So please do not sell your life for S-E-L-F-I-E!


STATUTORY WARNING: Selfie lo, khatra na lo!

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Anmol Kak

Anmol Kak (MasCom Dept, PU)

I love watching movies, dancing, exploring new things, observing people around. Music is something without which life is incomplete. I dislike fakeness and diplomacy. I believe in living every bit of life. Be mad. Be crazy. Be your own kind of individual. Stay happy, stay beautiful is what i emphasis on.


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