Life of a ‘Modern Slave’


To serve their masters in the west-world, our state designed an education system, which would create the most efficient labour force for years to come.

We are rigorously trained until we hit a score. Still assumed to be at fault, we are provided with more, extensive manuals; because reading / cramming is all we have done our entire life.This step by step guide at every stage has chagrined our creative side.

We are dependent on a help at every step.We don’t have this luxury while falling in love.It feels devastating to go all-in without a manual.We are to contemplate the situation without a computer code.Your sincerity depends on the immediate instinct. If you manage to get through the initial weeks, the later phase is a bigger challenge. It generally turns out to be a disaster.This is because we are biased against explaining ourselves. It might also be because there is no ‘ Communication-catalog’.

When you are ready to work on yourself , trying to conserve what once seemed ‘ magical’ ; you get a sense that a review might help.These report cards suddenly seem a deep , kind phenomenon.We do not realise the tact of wrapping a tough remark with a bunch of compliments.This has made it harder to cope with the unfiltered remarks we are subjected to , back home.We resort to teaching our partner a lesson.Inspired mostly by revenge , we slam doors and call our lover , names.The fact that one learns nothing under conditions of hysteria is forgotten. But, when we are on the receiving end, a lesson from our lover seems contravening to the rule of love. ‘The rule’? Accepting oneself as they do.

These expectations surface owing to the plastic environment we live in. All in the name of “professionalism “.Everyone is supposed to cover their rage , jealousy and anger with a smile. So attuned we are to this fake nature, that a frank , uncensored correspondent is unwelcomed even moments into the conversation.We rush back to a rather stoically calm environment, whole-heartedly accepting lack of honesty.

Over the years, we have metamorphosed into capital generating force. Caged in suits, branded by IDs and choked with ties, we are Kant’s modern slave. Like every other task, Love is now a job and Sex the final act.

Fatefully, for our chances of happiness, in the romantic ideology, affection is understood to be an equation with joy and love at either ends. And not what it really is: a skill that needs to be learnt and nurtured.

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Hasrat Sandhu (DAV College 10)



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