Life in a metro…and beyond.


The lifeline that sustains Delhi’s massive population, carrying ‘n’ number of commuters daily, our treasured Delhi Metro.

Courtesy of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) we have a convenient, comfortable (Yet, not so feasible) as well as Eco-friendly public transport. And indubitably, without the blessings of these Metro coaches, our lives in Delhi would come to an utter standstill.

Being a daily commuter of metro, there is a lot that I witness every day; different people, different faces, different stories. Nonetheless, one aspect that stands common among all these faces is that, almost each pair of hands is glued to cell-phones.

Hardly does anyone raise their eyes from their phones, to pass a smile to the one sitting next to them, to steer a conversation and know each other. We get our eyes cemented to the screens and thus remain oblivious of what the person sitting right next to us is going through.
My statement is not a conjecture, as a matter-of-fact it is exemplified by one incident that I came across today. Stepping off the metro; my eyes fell upon a young girl getting off from the same metro. She walked a few steps and was then received by a woman (probably her mother). The woman had clear lines of worry marked large on her face. The young girl tried to hold back her tears, unable to stand longer; she collapsed on the platform.

Some anxious (or maybe curious) passengers gathered around her offering help. Attempting to keep the issue to themselves, the woman smiled to the crowd and said it was just a dizziness due to metro hassle.
Slowly the crowd diminished. I watched sadly as the girl got up and walked away slowly with her mother. And thus everyone returned to their own bubble world. Life in the metro resumed to its usual state of oblivion.

Everyone is broken somewhere or else, and a light hearted conversation with the person sitting next can effectively fix that to some extent, If not what’s the harm in socialising?

However, little interest do we show in the world outside our cell phones. Each set of eyes lost in their phones has its own problems in life. But if we just step forward to start a conversation with our fellow metromates; who knows, perhaps, Delhi might soon become a less lonesome and more cordial city!

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Rashmi Chakravarty (LSR, Delhi)

I’m Rashmi Chakravarty, first year undergraduate student in English honours from Lady Shri Ram College For Women, New Delhi. I’m a blogger and writer at medium. My main motive is to raise bring forth the issues stagnating our society and get raise awareness about the same!





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