Life behind the wheel


You wake up, get ready, grab your phone and money , and off you are in your car to your destination. First red light- you grab your phone to reply to that one text message you saw at the previous round -a -bout. Three seconds to go and your fingers run faster than Usain Bolt on the keypad. Green light- “Damn, I have to wait for the next traffic signal to complete the text.” In between you realize that your current favourite song is playing on the system and you just HAVE to make a snap chat story of it. You look around to see if you have enough clear -road -time to make a story – oops, no you don’t check that . You simply grab your phone and wait for your favourite part of the track to play and THERE YOU ARE! Now ,everybody will know that you have such a good playlist and your choice of music is so cool. But just then , you have a close shave with a motorcyclist who was just going to bang into you . Doesn’t that fool know that you are making a snap story and that he better try to stay in his lane and not try to switch to yours? People these days I tell you , they just  Don’t  seem to know where their attention is while driving.  Now on the next round a bout , you get a phone call and it is undoubtedly a very important one. Park the car on the side and talk…? “What?? i am not driving for the first time in my life alright. I can handle this. ” While having that important conversation about world domination on the phone, you bang into a cyclist , who falls down and bruises his face and elbow badly. Your heart sinks, you cut the phone , cause world domination can wait some time now suddenly , run out to the person and apologise and try to strike a compromise and when he finally agrees to go to the hospital himself with the money you offer,  you heave a sigh of relief and off you go , promising yourself to never use your phone again while driving .  Okay you’re finally at your destination and guess what ? You already forgot about that man who is currently waiting to get bandaged at the hospital , because TWO PEOPLE ALREADY REACTED TO YOUR SNAP STORY .

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