Life and Times of an Arts Student


Daily Routine of an Arts Student

  • Wake up
  • Try to have a positive day
  • Fail, because you meet dozens of judgmental aunties and uncles who question your choice and make you feel useless, regretful, and disappointed with your life.
  • Go to sleep, devoid of all hope.
  • Repeat

Welcome to the life of almost every Indian student who has taken up arts in 11th grade.

Arts students are automatically assumed to be purposeless and unproductive. Our failure in life is implicit in our decision to choose a particular subject to study. Our love and passion for the said subject is of no significance to the disapproving relatives and neighbors, whose inflexible and orthodox mentality doesn’t let them believe that there is a multitude of opportunities outside the arena of science, and now, even commerce. They doubt our intellect, pity our parents, and discard our ability to have a successful and fruitful life.

If I had a dollar for every time some inconsequential person said, “Beta, Science main zyada scope hai” or “Arts mein toh free hi rehte hoge”, I would be able to buy noise cancelling headphones for all the arts students in the entire country, maybe even Asia in some time.

The main thing is to not let these people get to us, to not let them diminish our hopes or make us doubt our decisions, and to not let them make us feel inferior to our counterparts.

Rather, we should boast of the wide range of career options that we have. We should boast of the fact that we had the courage to choose such a stream from the start and not waste a few years of our life studying something that we’ll have to leave eventually. We should boast of the fact that we will do something that we are sure to love all our lives.

“Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna.”
And for our peace of mind, it is our moral duty to ignore them.

Its 2016! It is high time that the societal mind set changes so that about 37% of the students do not have to feel any lesser than the rest, so they do not have to doubt themselves.

Take pride in the choices amigos, and don’t let anyone diminish the shine.

And if anyone says that arts students don’t have to work hard, feel free to give them your 30 page handwritten paper to complete (as I am about to).

About the Author:

Rupal Chopra (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Rupal Chopra
(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

A kaleidoscopic swirl of the luminous colours of happiness, adventure, humour, love, friendship and art is basically who I am, along with quite a strong wave of irony. Also, I am having an affair with my tv and a multitide of novels.


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