Life: A Journey of Hope and Healing

Scholars define life, as the period between birth and death. It is the experience or the state of being alive. As per literature and science is concerned, life is nothing more than the pumping of heart, the rushing of blood, the electric current in our nerves, and other multiple functions that our body perform daily to keep us alive. But that’s not the only thing which keeps us alive; it’s the hope and healing.
In layman’s words, life is not about staying alive it’s actually about living and feeling. It’s about feeling your own self, it’s about knowing the surroundings and reacting, it’s the pain which you suffer, and it’s the happiness which you deserve. Life is a mortal journey with numerous twists and turns of despair and misery as well as hope and healing. For most of us, there are more than a handful times when our life seems to be of no purpose, it feels that it is directionless, it feels that something is wrong and you lose all your positive energy to fight back. But the truth is everything which is going wrong will heal. The pain, the discomfort- everything will heal.
The power of hope is equal to that of the rebirth. When everything’s going wrong and your vision looks disillusioned, it’s the ray of hope which pulls you out of the darkness and brings back the beautiful smile on your face. Hope has the power to lift even the poorest of the souls and to give wings to the heaviest of the hearts. It has the power to bring the dead, back to alive.
Every miserable event in life leaves a wound, every drop in life leaves a tear, but it gets healed. If you give it appropriate care and time every wound or tear or cut will heal. Indeed, it leaves scars, but the scar doesn’t depict the downfall, they depict the lessons learned. The healing process maybe late and slow, but every damage comes to a point when it heals up completely without leaving even a bit of pain.
Whenever you feel that you are lost in the maze of the impossible, whenever you feel that you are stuck in the well of rubbish, whenever you feel that the walls of sorrow are caging you, you just need to have hope and let the wound created by them, heal. You just need to have hope that you will make out of the maze or the well or the cage as victorious like a knight, and give it time to heal the wound created by the ridiculous. Even if it takes a decade to heal, you need to keep your patience, so that when the wound is gone you can puff your chest up and say with pride that you made out of it
Any situation from bad to the worst can be solved; any problem can be answered by the forces of hope and healing. You need to make them your guards to help yourself. You need to shake hands with them to make any situation or problem look as tiny as an ant in front of you.
Life is not always full of happiness. Most of the times you won’t remember the happy times, but you will never get out of stock for the awful times to haunt you. But it’s again the life that shows you, if one falls then he/she comes up as well. Life will never disappoint to surprise you because “Life is nothing, but a journey of hope and healing.”

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Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

Dipesh Jindal
(DAV College 10)

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