Life: A Game of Chess


It is a common notion that life is a perpetual mystery that unravels its different colors every now and then. But, life somewhat draws parallels with the game of chess as well.

Akin to the chess board where the pawns are placed, life is a platform whereby we all are actors, chosen to play different roles as per our caliber. The white and black pawns reflect the bright and dark side, opportunities and threats, approval and rejection. Sometimes we are on the brighter side and sometimes we are lingering at the darker end. Sometimes the player has to let go meager wins, to make it big. Similarly, in life, we need to let go off some small gains for a clean sweep. Both life and chess demand focus, grit, fortitude, determination and passion and the moment you lose your focus, you are trounced. One needs to anticipate the actions of his opponent to change the game and chalk out the future course of action for the probable contingencies.

We all need to understand that we are the ones who can control the pawns of our lives; instead of believing that we are the pawns destined to move as per the whims and fancies of the society, religious beliefs and stereotypical theories. It is vital to believe in oneself and be responsible for choosing the right path in life.

We need to think out of the box to win the game, as walking the beaten path will only lead to us the already achieved feats of people in antiquity. Like the uncertain and unpredictable game of chess, life can turn the tables in a spur of moment without giving us spare time to deliberate.

The game of chess endows us with the spirit of competitiveness and perseverance which are the leading innards required to fight till the end in the game of life. Our pragmatic and analytical approach in chess helps to decide the next move. Similarly immense deliberations are required before making choices as any one wrong move can make us fall off the track.

Take life as a challenge as every setback is an opportunity. And we get to live our life once, but if it goes right, even once is enough.

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Niti Goyal (SD College 32)

Niti Goyal
(SD College 32)

First a thinker and then an observer, sharing views is what I love,
Try to see the world from a broad horizon, an explorer with adventure in my mind,
Writing out my heart is what I am good at!


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