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Liberalism is among the biggest question marks in the Indian society today. What one feels? What one thinks? How one acts and how does he live? All of it depends on the society. The Indian chauvinistic society that we live in, has built a big wall in the way towards liberalism. But the irony is that today in the twenty-first century the world has got many places where the women have taken over, and the males following them. But then, is working only  for the welfare of the women in society enough?

To have a liberal mind is to be able to accept different views of different persons and understand whether their view is logically right or not! Then to form an idea that is beneficial for the society as a whole. These views should not and must not benefit only a part of the society, like taking care of the males and disowning females or perhaps rich getting richer and poor starving for food on the road. If only one could empathize and feel the hurt of the heart. 

India a place where one could find all sorts of places and all sorts of faces. There exist all sorts of thinking and all sorts of memories. The Indian society is one where there exist a lot of “happenings” that can only be a part of a movie; a movie that wanted to be a super-hit but resulted into just another hit and run case. 

There are practices like Sati (burning a female widow) which probably started because a woman didn’t want to live because her husband died, because she couldn’t take that one big blow and wanted to be burnt to death with her husband. With this furor many families wanted their daughter-in-laws to do the same thing, resulting into  a not-so-overwhelming malpractice. 

A 29 year old man killed his wife, went to jail and comes out after his sentence. This man is a criminal. The time that he was in the jail, he realized that the act he had committed was terrible and pledged to be a better citizen. What does the society do? They call him a murderer. He actually is a murderer, but then one does deserve a chance to reform. Once a con, doesn’t mean always a con after all. This man who changed for good is now turning into a criminal again because of the society and their views. Is the society liberal here? Not at all. The society is narrow minded, normative, brutal, cruel and harsh. There is a reason for words like these to exist even though they have similar meanings. It is easier said than done. The so-called Indian society is liberal, but to an extent. The society has been able to highlight people who helped in removing sati from most parts of the country and also people who help rehabilitate those who committed bad-deeds. 

There are independent women but no single mothers, as without marriage a daughter is a burden not only to the family but to the society as well. As soon as the girl reaches eighteen, the society gets worried about her marriage. Boys go out for parties at night but girls need to come back home before nine. If you are rich, no body stops you and if you don’t have enough to give, then you suffer.  It’s the same way when you treat others badly when they ask you for help and say the world is cruel when you yourself needs that. 

Being liberal, being open minded, not accepting myths and social norms blindly is something that everyone needs to understand. Being a so-called Siddh Baba, having tens of thousands of followers and millions of black money, getting into a scandal and yet having those followers trying to bring you back on top while you are just another trickster shouldn’t be the case. Even though the Babas are working hard to earn money by deceiving others, there is a noticeable lack of logical reasoning that is seen in the followers. The wall that comes in the way towards liberalization in the Indian society is the ‘approach’. 

The Indian constitution has given each and every citizen the right to liberty. The sole right through which one enjoys the right to protection, education, speech – to express their views and take part in healthy discussions. The sole factor that has ruined this liberty given to Indians is through misuse and abuse. For example grabbing a hold on somebody’s property by force.These examples can be seen in many Indian families and these impositions are not rare in today’s Indian society.

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