LGBT pride walk 2016 | Chandigarh, the NYC of India


Picture By Pankhuti Vijay

People often tag a transgender or transsexual person with the term ‘Manhoos” .A Trans-women is equated with ‘hijra” ,two completely different terms but same in the sense that both of them are discriminated against.

We don’t want to be treated as God,but neither do we want to be treated as desolate. People still have wrongful inhibitions about the LGBTQ community. The first thing that comes to their mind is sex or a sex worker. For them, it all comes down what happens in the bedroom. We just want to be loved, and this love is misinterpreted. In the end, it comes down to equality. We want to be one with the society.
Things are becoming better, I’ve seen that if you sit down with people and educate them , they understand. Panjab University has been a fine example of this, they’ve allowed us to conduct our LGBTQ pride walk through the Student Centre which is a huge accomplishment.”

The LGBTQ pride walk was held on March 6,2016 at 3 PM. It started from Stu-C, Panjab University and terminated at Sector 17. People of all orientations had come to extend their support to the community. The pride walk started off with the Punjabi tradition of dhol. Despite the rain, the parade didn’t stop.The community shared their heart-wrenching stories with the the crowd in Sector 17 and were applauded for their strength.

The warmth and acceptance that people had shown during the pride walk was soul-stirring. 

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