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While these days, all that we learn about in school is subjects such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, mathematics, social sciences, physics, chemistry and what not, schools should instead have lessons of mistakes. Why? Because mistakes are the most important teachers in life.

“Why are our elders so bent on increasing our burden?” You would have asked this question at least once. Instead of learning how to live well and develop ourselves, all that most of us do is study. The exceptional cases of those who do more of ‘gehri maaro’, ‘pub jaao’, and you know what all I mean, as always, exist.

The society favors all rounders and mostly toppers. All they ask is “What were your marks beta ji?” Well I proudly say, “76% ma’am”. I know I didn’t study, actually I didn’t want to study. After you become an adult, you’ll realize that your marks are just a tag. You will realize that somehow while running after marks, we forget that we have to breathe, we have to be happy and that we have to live well.

School is an institution that helps you learn. But what we have turned it into is an institution that is no more a place of learning, but one that makes life hectic. Ask any medical or non-medical student, what has become of their life? First school, then tuition and then something even more unbearable. Life is totally ruined and those two years of +1 and +2 are hell.

Parents and relatives are important factors in shaping ourselves. There are different values, different stories and different ways in which parents force their child into choosing a field of their choice. Exceptions are always welcomed, but perhaps we all lose the main essence of life.We study, we dig-in. We become an aimless tool in the hands of our teachers and our parents. And this is something not required. GET A LIFE!

Although there are many institutions that provide space for extra-curricular activities, yet by the time one reaches high school, the enjoyment and those light moments of games are somehow restricted. Not to mention the reduced number of game-period that a student gets and even sometimes, the ONLY GAME PERIOD is taken away. (~cries)

Did you ever think that why, those who do, makes all those jokes on engineers only? It’s because engineers end up frustrated of their course. It’s nobody else but they themselves who majorly make a prank of their hectic life. We urgently need skilled people. And not those lakhs of un-skilled engineers, a few of which would end up working the whole day for a mere salary of Rs 8000.

So people, understand whatever you read or learn. Marks are just numbers. Though all of us can’t become as exceptional as Bill Gates, we can at least try and work hard. Who knows, you might even create a new field of work and help others getting employment.

Failure stories are a must. Just by learning how hard work is a gateway to success, you don’t learn about earning it. “Success” is a small word with a big, deep meaning. It’s something that you get with your passion, will, eagerness, enthusiasm, dedication, and all those other things that give you a good proud feeling about yourself. Success is when you fall down in a large pit, and somehow you climb up and come out.

Our passion must come from inside. We just need to let our inner voice speak. We must consider its advise and also at the same time need to think of the consequences. “Will I be happy? Will I achieve everything that I desire? If not everything, at least a few things? ”

Every problem has an answer, maths teaches you that. It’s just as Rihanna says, “Work work work work work…..,” we need to work in order to live well. Don’t forget that you are meant to do great things. It might not be on a large scale, but as long as it is happening even small scale shall do. It might be those small things that make someone’s day. Lets do our bit. You already have done many great things, all you need to do is realize what those moments were. From donating blood to saving someone’s life, make a list of how many good deeds you have done. That’s enjoyment. That’s life. That’s something that schools fail to teach.

Praise yourself for every good thing that you do. Reward yourself, give yourself a treat, get a new hair-cut. Make a list. Write everything that you want to do and finish doing them step by step, after you do a good deed.

Now, you might be wondering, why did the writer give all the examples related to “engineering”. It’s because at some point, the writer wanted to be one. It’s just like fate, just like I was meant to write this article. Just like writing became a habit and later a passion, you got to find yours. Find something that you like to do. Fight for it. It can be anything from playing a piano to being a physicist.
Dreams change. Priorities change. And just as the they say, “It’s your life, make it large.”

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