I woke up with a broad smile and a few cramps in my stomach. I tried to jump out of the bed with full zest, but something kept me attached to my bed and there, I realised that ‘the monthly curse’ had fallen upon me! So, I wasted away my day surfing through Instagram and Snapchat, where two minutes magically turn into twenty in a second.

I don’t need to explain this phenomenon of menstruation because everyone including the male genre is well aware of it. And how can’t they be? The substantial proof of it is the ratio of the viewers of the ‘Padman’ movie, which indicated the larger proportion of male strata than the female one. But the tug of war arises when girls asked about it, murmur in their almost ‘Mute’ volume and boys giggle about it and make it a pleasure soothing thing!

One day, the servant of our house walks in carrying a brown plastic bag with a few parcels neatly wrapped up in newspapers and leaves them near me and I, thinking that the man of the house had outdone himself by sending some presents for me, hastily open the packages only to find two packets of sanitary napkins and a bill of Rs.620.


Why are Sanitary Napkins treated as radioisotopes? They are wrapped in layers of plastic and newspapers and put in a black polythene, separate from cereal boxes, that it may contaminate by its very presence.

Is it the fact that men will see a corner of this ‘Green Packet’ and read ‘Whisper with wings’ and collapse with empathy at the thought of that ‘God damn Agony and Pain’ we go through every month?

I remember a few stories and incidents where girls were shut inside the rooms for number of days just because ‘that time of month’ has hit them. They were considered impure and their touch would spoil jam and turn wine into vinegar. It is countered with another bout of religious jargon and now, I would ask, If God disapproves of this fluid, then why should he approve of all other fluids? So, when pandits are doing Yajnas and sweating in front of holy fire, Shouldn’t they also get burned to crisp by divine cosmic forces?

It would be rather BEST to infect the male proportion with this ‘CURSE’ for a month or two just to sit back and view, what I am sure would be a highly entertaining spectacle!

Women often forget that God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers and this is why they are rather BLESSED to have this curse because men are incapable of handling those mood swings and those life-sucking pains and cramps! But, we ourselves stash our sanitary napkins in secret places, are embarrassed when one falls out of the purse, instead of being PROUD of our ‘MIRACULOUS BODIES’ that go on churning out eggs for decades!

Some of you that carry XY chromosomes in their gene code may have found this theme rather disturbing. Could you please keep your mind and mouth shut and go back to watching 11 men running around with a bat and ball while we decide to stop ‘whispering with wings’ and SCREAM about this being, the vital part of our biology, that of course, just happens to save our entire human race from extinction?

About the Author:

About the author:-
Anureet Kaur Dhillon (DAV College 10)
“An ambitious maiden who desires to change the perspective of people about life through her writings!A medical tricity topper who is allured by this sphere dreams to become a prolific and versatile writer! A wallflower who loves music,food and enjoys the company of witty personalities!A clear thinker who wishes to serve the nation through civil services and writing is merely a tool used by her to convey her voice to the masses!”



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