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Since the last few months, Internet is in a frenzy with comments like, ‘Are these the best America has?‘ setting a little trend of their own. Amidst Trump’s out-of-the-dark shenanigans, with SNL Parody as the cherry on the top, and Clinton’s ceaseless bashing of the same; the final US Presidential debate at Nevada was a complete package. Giving the world media a run for their money and fact checkers a spin, Donald Trump, 70 and Hillary Clinton, 68 fought their last battle of sorts, leaving the baton now for citizens to decide.

The debate began with both the contestants elucidating their views on number of critical issues affecting the American economy.

-Supreme Court: Clinton is against the power vested in the hands of top 5%, whereas Trump, on the other hand represents this category of riches.

-Abortion Laws: Trump is pro-life and quoted, “Hillary’s government can rip the baby right out of the womb of the mother in the 9th month, if that’s what it takes.” For the same, Trump and his supporters have proposed to defund Plan Parenthood. Clinton is in favour of Pro-choice option and believes that the otherwise is against basic fundamental-human right.

-Immigration: This has been a foundation of Trump plan. He infamously wants to build a wall and secure the southern borders’ and quoted, “We have no country if we have no borders.” His plan has sought to avoid killings by immigrants and infiltration of drugs through vigilant border patrolling. Clinton, on the other hand, strongly opposes the xenophobic rhetoric and stated that ripping apart families through their deportation was ‘against the idea of America’. She has promised a Comprehensive Immigration Reform within the next 100 days of her presidency (if she makes the cut, that is) and better deployment of advanced technology to prevent sabotage of peace in the country.

-Russia: Or more specifically, Putin became another hot debating point when Clinton accused Trump of being ‘his puppet’ and Trump on the other hand, subtly defended his ‘friend’ stating that, “Putin has outsmarted Hillary on many levels.”

-Economy: For the country at large, Clinton focuses on the middle class, because she believes as they grow, America grows. She supports the college free debt for less affluent families. Trump on the hand, wants ‘to do a lot of things for college’, majorly by cutting tax rates for education.

Who is fit (or less ill-fit) to be the president?
Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has infamously criticized immigrants, and his anti-Muslim rant also didn’t strike a good chord with voters (Hindu community included). His lack of experience, his stance on NATO, his not releasing tax returns and lack of clarity in honouring the election results have made him a little less favourite. Clinton accused Trump of being disrespectful to women when he called a Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, ‘Ms. Piggy’ and referenced a recently surfaced 11 year old video that showed Trump bragging about groping and kissing beautiful women without their consent. Trump concedes this as ’locker-room banter’, and shot down this accusation with another (no apologies, there) when he said, “Bill Clinton has done worse”. Blaming Hillary’s ‘sleazy campaign’ for such debunked accusations, he also quoted, “Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Nobody!” Ahem.

Clinton, on the other hand, is well known for her extensively publicized 33K mails that she deleted while using a personal server instead of a government one, jeopardizing national security. Moreover, another thing that irks the voters is what Trump resonates too, “She has had great many years in the government. Why the hell didn’t she do this in the last 15 years?” accusing her of not walking the talk. Also, the Wikileaks accusations about the Clinton Foundation were brought to light and well, side-tracked! Anthony wiener’s emails have some serious trouble waiting for Clinton.

Keeping the above anti-romance in mind, one can interpret that this time the election is not about who is best to serve, but about who has got fewer skeletons in the closet. Clinton undoubtedly has an advantage, but one can’t rule out the possibility of an unpredictable Trump triumph. We are yet to see how the American naysayers and yea-sayers use their right on November 8th. The wait is awaited that whether USA will make history by appointing the first female President, or will they rather have Trump as a leader in charge of nuclear weaponry of the country.
Well, something isn’t right there.

Chances of a Trump-Card- 42%
Chances of a Hillary-Sweep- 48%
(Source- Real-Clear-Politics)

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