Let’s hold Forgiveness’s hand


Always be thankful
Instead of revengeful
You’re too strong to overcome erroneous
For all that, forget your grudge
Clear your mind of sludge

Don’t spill it everytime
Hold it in, for the right night
That will ultimately shine
Just hold forgiveness’s hand tight

Allay your sword
Forgiveness is a pleasant reward
It’s a beautiful anatomy of love and affection
For untold peace and happiness, i pledge it
An ethos of facile evokes a warm juncture

I call it as a tinkle sound
Also, a virgin dew drop
So let it glow
For i know, i’m a human so you’re
We all do mistakes
Let’s mitigate all the wrongs
By just one chance

Let’s hold Forgiveness’s hand.

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Anmol Kak

Anmol Kak (MasCom Dept, PU)

I love watching movies, dancing, exploring new things, observing people around. Music is something without which life is incomplete. I dislike fakeness and diplomacy. I believe in living every bit of life. Be mad. Be crazy. Be your own kind of individual. Stay happy, stay beautiful is what i emphasis on.


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