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Tolerance does not mean tolerating intolerance, something which is personified  by Ms. Sharmita Bhinder. A lawyer by profession, she is a crusader of a large scale movement on the way to spread  awareness against various issues especially stalking, public humiliation of women, and safety of women which she discussed in the event held on August 17, 2017 at Casa Bella Vista. The place was filled with the talks of feminism.

Bhinder emphasized on the need of improving the policing at night. She shared her experience of driving at night from Mohali to Panchkula where she was able to find only 4 PCRs. She put forward her thought on the importance of the role of the police in ensuring the safety of women.

dsc01551Her agenda was to make people aware and to provide them legal assistance. She was of the view that if any social problem has to be dealt with, then basic emphasis should be on the root cause and also that spreading awareness has to start from the backward areas. She focused on forming legal cells where she, with her team, can provide legal assistance to the people in need. Along with this, she also looked forward to filing PILs which can benefit the society. Not only this, she also aims at forming a group, ‘Conscious Citizens’, where they can monitor the work, if any, being done by the government in public welfare.

The event witnessed an open discussion, providing people a platform to express their views on the theme. Sharmita Bhinder began the discussion with the topic of the recent stalking case of Varnika Kundu, talking about how women face such problems.

untitled-design-13Mentioning the recent rape of a 12 year old girl on the Independence day she exclaimed, “Rapes these days are increasing and are getting even more brutal, I believe the rapists should be given harsh punishment or even be castrated, to set an example for other people too.” 

Roselyn Kaur, a social activist, said, “I have a son and I make sure that I make him understand about such things, sex education in India is very minimal, so it is now my responsibility to teach my son about the right and the wrong touch. Not only this, I make sure that he respects women.” 

It was an immense pleasure to watch middle-aged women discuss such topics and set an example for the youth to follow. One of the ladies quoted, “It is important for women to get respect but for this they need not become men.” 

untitled-design-15A man who had said that every female should go out of the house with a male member of the family was highly criticized by everyone.

The discussion also involved the importance of the role of media, that how media involvement can make other people work. It can help create a pressure on the people to do the things they ought to do.

Holding true to what, Mattie Stepanek increase said “Unity is strength”, the event concluded in high spirits.

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Bhimika Goyal (UILS, PU Campus)

Bhimika Goyal (UILS, PU Campus)

I am a 3rd year student from UILS. I believe that you always get what you aim for. I love cooking and travelling.




Ravneet Kaur (UILS, PU Campus)

Ravneet Kaur (UILS, PU Campus)

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