Let’s be a Superhero!Let’s be a Superhero!


Do we really need the superheroes to save the world? Or talking in the Indian sense, the 11th avatar of lord Vishnu to come up and do something about the situations? Are we so weak and scared to stand for ourselves?

Momentously, we are so afraid to speak against the politicians who are out there on their “kursi”, because of the votes of people whom they try to suppress. We are so freighted by the police-officials who are “supposed” to work for the people they often tend to ignore. And those being suppressed or ignored or any word as you may choose for this down condition, are WE the General Public.

I am not saying start doing something for others. All I am saying is that just stop being that ‘padosi aunty’ who keeps on blabbering around but doesn’t do or even try to do something for herself.

Let me get a little more clear, if you know something wrong is happening that is going to affect you in future, either try to correct it or don’t complain later, because then my dear friend you lose all the rights to do so. For instance, voting for a particular party in elections because supposedly it’s your so called “family party” and then complaining about it sounds like shit.

For all such people sleeping on their mother’s lap, all I can say is, Wake up SID!

I know, I know! People always tell you to “do something” and never tell “what to?” To end such complains, here are three things that you got to practice to be a real superhero,



 “ Chean se sona hain hain to jag jao!”

Yes, in every literal sense I mean it. If you really want to sleep in peace then you first need to wake up and observe the people around you. Be your very own‘James Bond’ or ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and notice each and every person around you. You never know who the person next to you is? Remember the terrorists, drug suppliers, rapists or people like them could be one of those strangers. You would never know whether you have a rapist living next door, until the cops get him.

  1. 2. BE BRAVE KID!

“Dar ke age jeet hain”

How can I not mention the only love of my life, Hritik Roshan (You got to ignore that)! Coming back on track, what I mean is that you got to apply that tag line in your life. Don’t be afraid to speak against the wrong, no one can harm you if the stand is for humanity.

You can report the cops about anything happening wrong around you, about anything that is illegal. If you find your friend taking drugs, either counsel him or report. Otherwise, he will ruin his life and end up doing nothing productive.

And if you can do that, you can for sure tell your parents what you want be in your life, for that is the major fear many face.



“Kripya apni budhi istamal kare!”

Yes, it is high time to use our brains.

We live in the 21st century and we have a very kickass gadget called “Mobile Phones”. You will find very basic yet very useful functions such as video camera and recorder. If you see anything wrong happening, for instance you see a guy teasing a girl and you don’t have the physical strength to protect her, record it and put it on Youtube. There is nothing more relevant as a proof than a video and cops will for sure have to take action.

These three bit of things and you can be the Shaktiman of this era.

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