‘Let Us Be The Change’ Takes Over Sector 17 Plaza

The India in which we are living in today is infected with some deplorable diseases like rape, hate crimes, women inequality and at last inhumanity. To fight all such evils, women once again have come to the front to lead another struggle towards a better society. 

‘Empower’ an NGO for special kids, garnered for a peaceful demonstration on September 17, 2017, at Sector 17 Plaza, Chandigarh. Through the medium of this protest, Mrs. Sharmita Bhinder and Mrs. Bharti Kapoor (the founding members of Empower) laid down the foundation of this new civil society called, ‘Let us be the change’. 

According to Mrs. Bhinder, “The main motive behind this civil society is to make people realize the intensity of the situation and involve them in this fight against rape, gender discrimination, hate ideologies and other heinous crimes, in reference to the instances of raping minors and murdering kids in schools”.

The protest organized by the NGO was disciplined and a peaceful one. It involved people holding out posters, denouncing the diabolic crimes especially ‘rape’ which is “forming a perception of permissibility”, said one of the protesters. It also involved a session on the discussion, speech, and poetries by the people belonging to diverse fields. 

Professor Money, a Lecturer of Public Administration roared in her speech, asking people to unite to save Chandigarh at least if not the country. She said; “A bus driver (referring to Gurmeet Ram Rahim) disrupted the whole region as internet connectivity was disabled and violence erupted in several areas. Let’s show these bad people that, good ones are still present in the society ready to protect and defend women from being raped”.
Mr. APS Shergill, a lawyer from Punjab & Haryana High court also contributed to the cause and gave a wise advice to the youth, asking them to stop watching inappropriate content on the internet and filling their minds with filth. He also gave a philosophy of doing a good deed in a day because by the end of a month, it would sum up to 30 good things done in one month. All other speakers appreciated his taste of thought and supported his philosophy. 
Students from PU also participated in the protest and shared their thoughts through poems written by them. One of the students named Ritika shared a poem, decrying the nature of society and politics which provides space for such crimes and jeopardizes the safety of women and children. 
As it turned dark, the protestors ignited candles to mourn the instance of sexual abuse of minors and women in the recent past. The onlookers were also given a lit candle to mourn.

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Kishlay Sinha (DAV College 10)

A gregarious man with diverse academic exposure studied in India and abroad. A Professional guitarist and just love music and good food. Writing is my strength it is my own voice reaching out to the masses to make a difference.




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Hersh Sharma


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