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So we are not alone .There are others too.

New Zealand bans’ Into the River’, a teenage novel by Ted Dawes, for being too obscene for its description of sex and drug taking .Another instance that quite proves that depiction of reality is not literature’s job ,(maybe journalism enjoys the monopoly here),and there goes the unknown ‘Satanic Verses’ ( Salman Rushdie),’Mother India'(Katherine Mayo), “unarmed victory'( Bertrand Russell) and many more onto the heaps of darkness ,dead ,never to breathe again .

Literature is the reflection of times as all other art forms are ,but there is seldom any other art that comes close to revealing the truth of the history of mankind while at the same time predicting its future. A book carries an idea in itself ,it’s  an expression ,a right , a necessity for the society ,no French revolution  could be possible without a ‘social contract’, no understanding of the dissimilar human relations without a Lawrence writing ‘Rainbow’ ,both the books ushered in a revolution the first a social the second a personal revolution .If morals and ethics have  to be safeguarded ,banning is not what is going to help. To be able to choose the right from the wrong ,you need to know the right and wrong yourself ,what is wrong for you at one point of time ,might not be the same at  another time for another person, so why is it that someone else decides what we are to read and what not.

Corruption of soul and character is a  subjective choice ,it occurs only when we want it to.

If freedom is an easy walk across the boundaries of our minds , an idea to be realised, all  we need is to take a step towards  it, every word, that  will be written then would matter because then it would belong to the world ,to the complete consciousness  of humanity , not to the author alone . So when Tagore says

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee

Into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

his faith stands resolute in the ability of man to reason out the best for himself ,not in the principles of just hiding away from the world what seems improper from outside. If bans like this could stop the transmission of ideas in the world ,the world must have been dead by now! but fortunately books never stop breathing and THEY NEVER DIE.

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Kadambri Gasso

Kadambri Gasso (Eng. Dept, PU)

A lover of books , enigmas ,humans, emotions, dogs ,solitariness, secrets and seasons .A believer of goodness, hope, mothers ,and everything green.


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