Lessons on Personal Hygiene by Kirat Youth Foundation


‘The best social service is to impart the values of living life in the most hygienic and impeccable manner’.

On the same lines, Kirat Youth Foundation initiated a drive on personal health and hygiene, in order to impart the basic virtue of maintaining cleanliness within and in the vicinity. It was organized at Ashiana, Sector 16, Panchkula on the September 16th, whereby around 35 young minds were a part of this session. 

With the sole aim of inculcating various daily habits in regards to cleanliness and sanitation, several parameters were discussed in detail, both, theoretically and practically, thus giving a deep insight into the concept of personal hygiene. The people so present were given various tools to inculcate those habits within themselves and also to understand the importance of maintaining one’s own hygiene for personal care.

Various observational exercises were included in the drive to bring clarity in terms of hands-on experience. The volunteers at the Kirat Youth Foundation focused on the elaboration of working, cleaning and use of every body part especially the sense organs while helping the young children comprehend the basic concept of the workshop so conducted.

A proper schedule was handed over to each child to help them get accustomed to different jobs to be performed on a regular basis which included basic activities like daily washing and bathing, brushing twice a day, good eating habits etc. To leave an indelible impact on the tender minds in the context of the information so shared with them, hand on experiences were used. The children were taught to clean their hands in a stipulated manner with paper soaps to help them stay aloof from dust. Various other measures and precautions were duly discussed concentrating on the common diseases.

‘Personal hygiene is the best way to keep yourself and others proactive’, keeping true to this mantra, the volunteers of the drive including the core team sensitized the children about their well-being which plays a pivotal role in the development of their present as well as future. Also, to ensure that the children at Ashiana adhere to the schedules and daily hygienic habits, a supervisor will keep a vigil over the improvement of each child’s personal hygiene.

In a nutshell, the drive aiming at personal hygiene encompassed all required components to engage the children in the elementary education of health and well-being. The drive concluded on a jubilant note with the children being elated after receiving gifts, with a promise of ensuring their personal hygiene.

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