Lecture Seminar Kick-starts ‘Bioteknoholix 2k17’ In PGGC-11

As a prelude to their annual fest ‘Bioteknoholix 2k17’, the Biotechnology Department of PGGC-11 organized a lecture seminar on April 7, 2017.
Exalted lecturers, Dr. Vinay Sakhuja (Senior Consultant, MAX Hospital) and Dr. Sudhir Sharma (Biologist, Panacea Biotec) were invited for an interactive talk with students. Prof J.K. Sehgal, the principal of the college, welcomed the speakers and appreciated the faculty and student organizers for this initiative.
Dr. Vinay Sakhuja who is also an alumnus of this college, imparted the science of organ transplantation and its advent in India. He told that there is a huge gap between the number of transplants that occur and the number of transplants required and the noble deed of organ donation needs more encouragement. Unfortunately, India is one of those countries which have one of the lowest organ donors per million.
While interacting with Dr. Sakhuja, students asked their queries regarding immuno-suppression, bone marrow therapy, etc. which he clarified and appreciated the curiosity and comprehension of the audience. “Don’t take your organs to heaven. God knows we need them here”, Dr Sakhuja  concluded his talk with this take-home message.
image-2Dr. Sudhir Sharma took over for the remaining lectures of the day. He familiarized the students with entrepreneurial avenues of biotechnology. The commercial side of this subject was a rather new but necessary topic for students. Having more than 10 patents to his own name, he earnestly encouraged the students to go for startups instead of being an employee.
Exploring the subject which is revolutionizing the medical treatment on the World Health Day made it more eminent. Students admitted that this talk gave them some direction for future in biotechnology.
The main events of ‘Bioteknoholix 2k17’ will be held on April 12, 2017 in the college auditorium of PGGC-11. It includes inter-college competitions with a bit of a zing and will make your day worth it. There will be competitions in poster presentation, AD-MAD, dumb charades, turn-coat, play and PowerPoint presentation.

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