Leadership seminar by Mr. Vivek Atray


A Leader should have a degree in People, says Mr Vivek Atray Centre for IAS and Other Competitive Examinations, Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh in its series of special lectures held a talk by Mr Vivek Atray , IAS on ‘Leadership by Example’ Atray argued that a good leader in any field of life should have the following  qualities: values, cheerfulness, calmness, communication, firmness and decisiveness. besides these qualities, a leader in order to be effective should have the ability to communicate , stay calm even during turbulent times, understand the value of time. Connecting to media, the fourth pillar of democracy is important for a leader especially if he is in public life. Public speaking, being alive and positive in outlook does help.
Drawing examples from his 25 years of life as a senior civil servant, Atray observed that as an administrative leader he has never allowed his subordinates to complicate the issues of governance but has always tried to simplify the problem in hand and look for a solution that was understandable to every one and was executable on the ground. Empathy and understanding of the subordinates’ strengths and weaknesses is an important facet of a leader who should be dynamic, scrupulous, firm and inspirational. He referred to Colin Powell, Narayana Murthi, Steve Jobs, J. F. Kennedy Mike Brearleyas immensely successful leader whereas Sachin Tendulkar came as a person gifted immensely but who failed as a leader.The presentation was attended by the students undergoing coaching session under
RUSA, funded by UT administration.


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