‘Le Gaufres’: The Gourmet Waffles

Sector 8 is rapidly transforming into the food hub of the Tricity, with people coming from all over to grab a takeaway or even perhaps rejoice in the ambience of the sector or the delightful restaurants. From Indian, Chinese, Continental to American, you mention it and you have the cuisine in front of you.
‘Le Gaufres’ is the new entry to the food hub (Sector 8). Waffles have finally arrived! It is not as if they weren’t around but when restaurants have waffles as a signature product rather than a fancy dessert on the menu, you know you’re in safe hands. And that is what ‘Le Gaufres’ (French for ‘Waffles’) is all about.
In my make-believe world, waffles were meant to be only sweet. ‘Le Gaufres’ broke that myth for me! This new out-of-the-box bakery makes waffles and crepes that are both sweet and savoury. And mind you, it is not just about these two items but they have got some piquant sandwiches and shakes. Both the waffles and crepes are made on order and served fresh. Indeed, some meticulously crafted and baked hors d’oeuvre to be consumed at any point of time in the day.
The interiors are in sync with the name giving the Belgian and French touch.
Well, vegetarians should definitely go in for the Paneer Tikka and likewise non-vegetarians for the Chicken Tikka Waffle. People with a sweet tooth must go for the Choco-Bowl Crepe, Richie Rich and Kinder Joy Waffle, Chocolate Factory. Apologies, for the writer has his dibs on chocolate.
Food and beverages indeed are scrumptious and delectable, with the congenial and friendly hospitality but the rates can definitely be kept more competitive to keep the target audience that is of students more comfortable in coming there.
A place worth and must trying, definitely!
Value for Money3-5-stars


About the Author:
Arnav Munjal (BDS, PU Campus)

Arnav Munjal (BDS, PU Campus)

19 years old, Second Year Student pursuing BDS from Dr HSJIDS, PU. An avid reader and orator. Into Science, Politics, News and Current Affairs. Foodie, loves traveling and meeting new people. Left hearted and right minded sociopolitically.


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