Last Year’s Fate Repeated: B.Com Quantitative Techniques and Methods Paper Out of Syllabus


Last year, when the B.Com students were faced with Quantitative Techniques and Methods paper being out of syllabus, it was quite a shock for them. Unfortunately it looks like the shock has again fallen upon, as the same fate was faced by students on May 28th, 2016. ​​

Disturbance broke out during the exam, as the frustrated students asked for their subject teacher to be called. As found, not only one but four questions in all i.e., 2, 6, 10 and 12, were out of syllabus in the paper.

Action has once again been taken upon the ending of the exam, as the concerned teachers worked on the issue and decided to forward a letter to Punjab University.

However, the unfortunate part is that action had been taken last year too. The problem had been brought up and resolved. And the expectations for this paper were high, with the students never foreseeing a repeat of past events.

The students can only wait for Punjab University to respond back on the matter now. Hopefully, the coming batches of students won’t face the same problem in the future exam papers, as the present batch did recently.

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