Catch these 8 Last Minute Tips to Ace CAT’17


This year CAT’17 happens to be on 26th November and as the D-day gets round the corner, the adrenaline rush for CAT takers is really high. As the date is looming close and lacs of aspirants are rigorously intensifying their preparation efforts, we have come up with some last minute tips. At this juncture, it is imperative that the preparation be smart and strategized to extract maximum advantage. 

1. Take as many CAT 2017 Mock Tests as you can. Taking CAT 2017 Mock tests will help you identify your weak areas and determine your speed and accuracy. It becomes important to assess your specific requirements.

2. Analyze your performance and focus on the sections you are lagging in.

3. Time yourself to prepare well. It is a very good idea while practicing for the CAT 2017 Exam to keep a track of the time you take to solve one question of one section. Not only would you be able to improve your speed but also help you manage your time while actually writing the exam by skipping the question which you know you would take most time for. 

4. Do basic calculation exercises. Ensure that you have your tables and squares and cubes all memorized. Also, get your alphabet numbers perfect. For instance, you should know that K is the 11th letter of the English alphabet is A is one and 16 when Z is numbered one. These are small memory tricks which would help you solve the basic sections. 

5. CAT tests application skills, but also requires efficient decision making and problem solving under time pressure. Due to the relative shortage of time, only a small fraction of people will have the luxury of attempting all the questions (maybe about 1 in 500, who knows!). This means that you do not need to know everything to ace the exam.

6. The time for learning new concepts is long gone and anyway as the above point says – you do not have to know everything. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. The smartest thing you can do with your last minute preparation is revision and analysis. Stay positive and relaxed.

7. Do not sacrifice sleep for revision under any circumstance. As mentioned before, this exam is all about speed and good decision making. Insufficient sleep has been proven to mess up decision making skills.

8. You must know how to select questions well. Each question is a test of your decision making skills- if you find the question easy, answer it. If it is doable but time consuming, postpone it. If it is a known weakness or seems difficult then attempt later. Also remember, if an entire section seems difficult it is probably so for all test takers – so lowering your number of attempts and striving for accuracy is the right response in this case.


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