LADY BIRD- an extraordinary movie about something very ordinary.


Lady Bird is a coming of age movie about 17 years old Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson. Living in Sacremento, California , it traces her struggle with last year of school, her mother, hometown and generally adolescence. It is a story about a youngster, it is about a parent, a best friend, a boyfriend, a school, a city and so much more. A passion project of Greta Gerwig (writer and director, of Lady Bird) , the movie has been appreciated by audience and critics alike. It has won 2 Golden Globe awards and had 5 Oscar nominations for 2018.

Lady Bird looks forward to escaping Sacremento and going to college in a big city,  where she can be more authentic to herself. She wishes to escape not just Sacremento, but what all it stands for , the mistakes she’s made, her family’s financial woes, her romantic life and her social status. In her attempts to do so, she fashions herself a new name, experimenting with friends, boyfriends and other relationships. Capturing the struggles of being an adolescent, the relationship with parents, siblings, home, hometown, friendship, romance and much more, Gerwig describes Lady Bird as a love story, but a love story between a mother and a daughter, a youngster and their home town, a youngster and a new city, a youngster and life.

The relatability of the movie is what has been its selling point. Several youngsters find expression of their life in this movie. The movie hasn’t become a part of their lives, infact their lives have been a part of the movie. From arguments with parents, to wanting to be independent and cherishing the moment after its gone.  The movie doesn’t transport the viewer to different world of the protagonist, it brings you back to yours-to the people and place you call home. It is relatable without trying to be. It touches the hearts of youngsters waiting for college to begin, for students not wanting to go back to college (lol) and for somebody who finished college 15 years ago.  It teaches that to err is human, to succeed is also human, that youngsters tend to feel that life is somewhere else, that there lies an unconditional and beautiful love that persevere and shows realistic character development.

This directorial debut of Gerwig other than having a beautiful story is impressing on other fronts too . The cinematography is brilliant,dialogue delivery is such that makes the scenario feel real, the costume design, music scores, sets enhance the experience and the casting is just perfect.

Lady Bird is a July must watch, before college begins and re opens for many.

These 95 minutes will take you through a journey of happiness, sadness, hope, taking on life and letting go. And it will also make you call you mum.


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