(Kya) Zinda Hoon Yaar Kaafi Hai?


Ever since our childhood, we have been told by saints and even by our parents that we should be happy with what we have. Food, clothes, shelter, water, and air are our basic needs and we would do fine if all of these are provided to us. We are told that the way to happiness doesn’t lie in being richer or acquiring more assets or becoming more successful but in what we already have.

As we grow old, enter our teenage and then gradually become an adult, we find that this norm which was given to us by the most intelligent people in the world doesn’t stand right in the practical work. The very belief system they have provided us is actually very controversial and will lead to nothing but making us a saint and taking a Samadhi somewhere in the Himalayas.

Anyhow, we aspire to have a content conscious, free of outside world, free of any misery. But if we will get free of misery, we will have to get free of happiness too (Tit for Tat?). If every big discoverer ever had the same thoughts, you might not have been able to read this article as we would still be in the jungles trying to light the fire. If Isaac Newton ever felt ‘Jesa hai, Theek hai’, physics would have never grown. If Usain Bolt would have felt ‘Jesa hai, Theek hai’, then fastest man alive won’t be his nickname. If A. R. Rahman would have felt ‘Jesa hai, Theek hai’, I doubt if he would have won that Oscar.

If we start thinking that we are fine with what we are, who we are or where we are, just to kill our expectations and be happy, then what we are doing is killing happiness that was on our way. Growth and change are the only constants, which won’t be able to survive if we start feeling content about ourselves. If you kill that voice inside yourself which is always asking you for more (in a constructive manner) then what will be the difference between us and an animal waiting for its death?

Most of the times, when we ask a friend how they are, they reply with “I am alive”, but is being alive enough? Does eating food, drinking water, having a home, wearing clothes enough to live? It is not enough, it can be never enough (that’s a different thing if you want to be a sanyasi). Do not let yourself down by being happy with what you have. Always aspire for more.  We, humans, are known for being never satisfied, by being satisfied you are simply being inhumane.

We all need to ask this question quite often: Kya Zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai?

About the Author:

Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

Dipesh Jindal
(DAV College 10)

Either silent or sarcastic. An old soul born in 21st century. Ambivert. OY. Food lover. Write until alive. Believes in ‘serve and be served’. Suffers from a syndrome of laughing at every point time.


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