Kunwar Arora: Do you ‘Wearmazing’?


While the booming(ly) flashy future of fashion blogging brings to you a swarm of voguish bloggers, there are only a few who can blend comfort with style and luxury. This industry, somehow, has been cast with a dry spell when it comes to male fashion-bloggers. Breaking this code with a multitude of talents, while he makes the ladies go gaga; is Chandigarh’s youngest men’s fashion blogger- Kunwar Arora. Sparing some time from his fabulously tedious routine, he manages to sip a quick coffee as he educates us about his á la mode magnum opus.

1.) Hi, Kunwar. Tell us something about your fashion blog- ‘Wearmazing’ and how did it come into being?
Fashion blogging was that one thing which crossed my mind a gazillion times; but it took a definite form when my sister, Alice filled me in about taking it up, as she somehow had a concrete belief that my hobby to dress up will do some real good to the people around.  Also, as my interests include sketching and photography, it really helps me bring out the creative side of mine while I capture fashion in its raw form. My interests somehow have been blended well enough with fashion, it helps me understand it better and give a creative edge to it.

As for the name- ‘Wearmazing,’ it has the vaguest background ever. My sister and I came up with almost 60 fancy names within a time span of 3 days. On the final day, when I was to ticket my blog, I randomly came across these two words, ‘wear’ and ‘amazing’ on the same page of a newspaper and boom, there I had it- ‘Wearmazing’.

2.) There’s no lie in the statement that family support is a must in creative ventures like these, pertaining to the myopic nature of the profession and the monetary backup required. How much support have you been able to garner from your family?
They say, ”You need a purpose and not a person in your life to achieve what you desire.”(I was just being dramatic here, I made that up just now). Even though the statement holds true, but my family and my sister especially, have rendered insane amount of support to whatever I have ever done. My bond with her is stronger than the strongest chemical bond. She has crossed borders, when it has come to helping me whenever and wherever required.

3.) When we look at a picture, we just look at it on a basic level. In professional blogging terms, how do you describe the creation of one outfit fitted in a chic frame?
Creating something beyond the ordinary and giving your followers a trend report is an effortless effort. It all begins with the right amount of knowledge, commingled with creativity. For starters, I adore ‘Zara‘ and ‘Superdry‘ for garments; therefore, after a lot of research based on the what’s trending, what’s new, what’s cliché and what can I experiment with, I create a mental outfit and then shop. For footwear, I lust on ‘koovs,’ owing to their exquisite vintage footwear collection. Then comes the photography, where I focus a lot on lighting and location as it can make or break the entire look. Basically, it’s all about giving your ideas a cachet.

4.) How much fashion coincides with your future plans?
I wonder if ‘a lot’ would suffice, but I have a serious issue of daydreaming about being a student at the London School of Fashion. I breathe fashion and pour all my creativity into it.

5.) Giving it a closure, tell us about your recent blog features and collaborations.
‘Trend talk’, ‘Good Look India’, Trio Trunk, ‘Chandigarh Street Style’ have given me space on their blogs in recent times and I’ll soon be judging a fashion event at DLF City Centre.


Kunwar Arora, an arts student at Vivek High School, is enthroned with a flight of imagination and has been a sheer delight to talk to and look at. Despite losing his hearing ability to life saving drugs at the age of 3, this lad with acumen to make heads turn and ladies swoon has never been inhibited by the loss. He magnanimously changes the game of fashion, inspiring the clique to create their own memoir.

P.S: Ladies can zonk out and men can take some serious inspiration by following him on http://instagram.com/wearmazing

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