King Kejri VS Lord Hanuman: Live Coverage from the Battle Ground


“Controversy King” as some may call him; Arvind Kejriwal has again grabbed the headlines. What is different this time is that it is no person that he created a ruckus for! Recently he insulted a Hindu God- Lord Hanuman, who is worshipped far and wide in India and other South-Asian countries.

He could not grab the front page and sadly was featured on the sidelines because of the ongoing massive JNU row. However he was slammed hither and thrither by twitterati, as he uploaded a cartoon on his twitter profile, which was directed at mocking Modi.

”TOLERANT” Indians could not see Modi and all they saw was Lord Hanuman, in his usual pose flying in the sky, with his weapon the Gada. The only difference was that Lord Hanuman was reporting to Modi, than to Lord Ram.

Within no time social media went into a tizzy, calling Arvind names. Here are some of those tweets that came in as a reaction to the cartoon posted by him.

Master Blaster @ re_ve_ng_er tweeted
Tuesday is a day when we worship Hanuman Ji. But@ArvindKejriwal took this as an opportunity to insult our belief.#KejriwalInsultsHanuman

Arvind Gupta  @buzzindelhi  tweeted
#KejriwalInsultsHanuman :: Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal must apologise unconditionally for mocking India & insulting Hanumanji

Hindulegalcell @hindulegalcell tweeted
We are going to Lodge FIR against @ArvindKejriwal for disrespecting Hanuman Ji & hurting sentiments of Hindus.#KejriwalInsultsHanuman

Within minutes poor Mr Kejriwal was surrounded by all sorts of people claiming to be true “BHARATIYA”, trying to beat him down for his insensitive post that was considered insulting towards Hindus. Imagine, had he been from another religion, perhaps Muslim , he would have been elevated to hell already, given the high tolerance level of Indians .

However, most people just saw the Hindu deity and reacted. Nobody tried to take another look at the cartoon and understand. As usual, everyone jumped at the conclusion of Modi being Lord Ram and JNU being his Lanka, interpreting it as a trick played by Modi so that the Indians focus on the JNU row rather than the issues cropping up in the economy.

What the common masses forgot is that a cartoon is a picture which may have been drawn with a single intent, only known to the artist and can be interpreted in a million different ways by a million different people. Indians, me being one, somehow have the knack to choose the interpretation with the most offensive undertone. Nobody will ever say, “This did NOT offend me.” That’s probably not in a trend now.

It is forgotten that one single cartoon cannot damage the reverence of a million of Indians. People fail to realize that God is much more tolerant than they are. They say, God helps those who help themselves, but Indians are hell bent on poking their noses into God’s affairs than their own.

It is the duty of a cartoonist to be sensitive towards the religious emotions and sentiments of the citizen. However, I’m sure God won’t mind a jibe or two. And if things like these go on, one day he’ll just jump right out of the newspaper and scream “Peace-out guys.”

And somewhere I think, he’s laughing reading this.


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