Khalsa College witnesses spat over late form submission fine.


With the semester exams just round the corner, SGGS Khalsa College, Sector 26, has put its students in a grave situation. The masters’ course students were not given roll numbers on time stating non filling of forms by the students.

After the baffled students of MA Economics and other courses visited Panjab University, they were shocked to learn that their forms were filled but not sent by the college authorities. The university authorities have put the blame on the college stating that the eligibility forms of the students was not sent by the college.

The students claim that the college authorities made no attempt to inform them even if their forms were not complete. The students have now submitted a fine of INR 5,280 to be able to sit in examination on May 13.

On talking to the college authorities the students were told that the University is at fault. Later on they rectified their statement and held the students themselves responsible, stating they filled the forms incomplete.

Ritu Bhansali, Ritu Galav, Akash Rajput and Sandeep are a few of the students who have suffered due to this behaviour of the college authorities.

Meanwhile the students said that, they were informed by the staff at PU that Khalsa college acts in the same way every year, resulting in many students to pay unnecessary fine.

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