Keep Calm and Stop Judging!


If a girl cries, she becomes a Drama Queen. If she doesn’t, She is called Stone Hearted.

A girl has many guy friends, so she is a Slut. If she doesn’t have any, she is tagged as Lesbian.

If a girl is polite with a guy, she is a Flirt. If she isn’t, she has Attitude problem.

A girl likes to wear Western outfits, so she is someone who doesn’t have morals. And if she wants to wear Traditional, she becomes a Down-market or a Behenji.

Why, in any and every scenario, the girl becomes the Target of such accusations? Since childhood the girls are trained to talk, behave and act according to the so called norms. She shouldn’t abuse, answer back, talk loud or roam around alone specially when it’s dark, learn cooking, dress up decently, shouldn’t drink or smoke, etc. But just because they are brought up delicately and asked to be always timid in their demeanor doesn’t mean that they be made an easy target of blames, false allegations and judgments. If a girl doesn’t abuse back or ignores cheap insults, it never means she doesn’t have the courage to speak up and stand for herself. Her silence should never be mistaken for her cowardice. At times, she is capable of forgiving and Forgiveness is the attribute of the Strong. Also, girls are always mentally stronger than boys. If guys think being a girl is an easy job, they should try stepping into a girl’s shoes. Soon they will find themselves tumbling down (after all who says it’s easy to walk in Heels?). Thumbs up to Girl Power!


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