Kavitactic Composition: A Miscellany of Poetry And Music


The City Beautiful, Chandigarh discerned the second edition of the reciprocity of poetry and music, ‘Kavitactic Composition’ at the Whistling Duck, Sector 26, Chandigarh on January 25th, 2017.

The event opened with the words by the co-founders Gursaya Grewal and Prerit Rajput, who enthralled the audience and boosted the confidence of all the accomplished poets and artists.
The luminary of the musical evening was Nipun Cheema, a pianist and composer, who mesmerised the audience and put an incredible line up with the poetic session. The interplay of poems and music was so lively and influential that it steered immediate cheers and tears at the onlookers’ faces.


Photo-Credit: Palka Sodhi (SD College 32)

As attractive as the concept of ‘Kavitactic Composition-2’ was, the poets of the city did exactly what verse-seekers would have done, flocked the venue in a good number and availed the opportunity. The poems were very meaningful and lesson worthy. Moreover, the poem artists were so enthusiastic and rhythmic that they created a positive and musical aura which left the audience spellbound. Afterwards, an open mic session was held, with Navdeep being the limelight of the musical evening.

Later, Gursaya Grewal thanked the audience for their presence, expressed her deep sense of appreciation for the wonderful artists and acknowledged gratitude to Nipun Cheema for making the event a huge success with his melodious compositions.

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Maitri (UIAMS, PU Campus)

Maitri (UIAMS, PU Campus)

I am Maitri, a student of MBA at UIAMS, PU campus. 
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Palka Sodhi (SD College 32)

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