Kavitactic: Another event, Another city


Stepping up their wonderful cause of bringing together the lit-heads, Kavitactic organized its first ever poetry event in Shimla recently. ‘Kavitactic: Shimla Inaugural Chapter’ took place at the authentic and scenic Café Simla Times, on the Sunday eve of July 24th, 2016.


Initiated in September 2015, the poetry group ‘Kavitactic’ is co-founded by Gursaya Grewal and Prerit Rajput, and has much contributed to the tricity so far.


In the Shimla Chapter, the local poets of the hilly-chilly amazing city lit up the mood by their overwhelming performances, amidst the beauty of the mountains. From teens to experienced teachers, fifteen poets of Shimla performed and covered varying aspects of topics; showing that poetry comes naturally and sees no age barrier.

Not just the locals, but five poets from Chandigarh including the co-founders, who have been a part of Kavitactic for months now, performed at the event as well. They welcomed the new members and a great audience with zeal. As told by Gursaya and Prerit, this is just the beginning of expanding the group’s horizon not just in the tricity, but over the borders now to different cities; providing the poets the platform, which they deserve!

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